Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies' Council
Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies'                                         Council

You will find here the ACAB'c key documents to apply for ACAB'c membership :

  • ACAB'c Charter 
  • ACAB'c Code of Conduct 
  • Membership form 
  • Membership fees
Download ACAB'c Charter V 3.4
Document Adobe Acrobat [97.1 KB]
Download ACAB'c Code of Conduct V 1.4
Document Adobe Acrobat [53.0 KB]
ACAB'c CAB-member application form (pdf)
Document Adobe Acrobat [577.4 KB]
ACAB'c CAB-member application form (MS-Word)
Document Microsoft Word [284.5 KB]
ACAB'c 2018 fees (informative - membership is currently free of charge)
ACAB'c fees.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat [46.3 KB]

The procedure to become an ACAB'c CAB (or A) -member is depicted on the following diagram:


Applying for ACAB'c CAB (A) -membership - Role activity diagram

Should you have any problem to properly read this diagram, you can alternatively download it :


CAB (A) -membership application - Role activity diagram
A-membership application_Role activity d[...]
Format IPN (Portable Network Image) [87.6 KB]


72, Boulevard Edgar Quinet

Paris 75014 - France


secretary (at)

members (at)

chair (at)

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