The Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies' Council
The Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies' Council

About ACAB'c

The council is a registered union of accredited CABs and their stakeholders. As full member of the council, the CABs must be accredited to perform audits under the European eIDAS* regulation following the corresponding ETSI TS and ETSI ENs**. With their full membership the CABs furthermore agree to follow the councils Charter as well as its Code of Conduct (CoC). 


ACAB'c mission is to provide a clear, transparent and comprehensive set of information related to Trust Service providers conformity assessment against eIDAS, ETSI TS/EN and ISO standards.


ACAB'c type A members are conformity assessment bodies (CAB) accredited by an recognised accreditor under the European Accreditation (EA). All member sign the ACAB's code of conduct.


ACAB'C type B members are interested parties:

- Trust service providers (TSP),

- EU supervisory bodies (SB), FESA members,

- European Standards Organizations (ESO), like ETSI as well as to CEN,

- EU and member states organizations (EU Commission, ENISA),

- Dependent parties.


ACAB'c provides opportunities to exchange information, to work on interpretation of standards and to draft guides.


* REGULATION (EU) No 910/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC.


** accredited according to ISO/EN 17065, performing audits according to ETSI TS 119 401, TS 119 411-1, TS 119 411-2, TS 119 421 and EN 319 401, EN 319 411-1, EN 319 411-2, EN 319 421 respectively under consideration of ETSI TS 119 403 and ETSI EN 319 403 respectively.