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Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies'                                         Council

Majority of all

European Accredited CAB are ACAB'c members now!

February 2023


ACAB'c has grown into two thirds of all European eIDAS/ETSI accredited conformity assessment bodies being a member.


Next to come

Our regular ACAB'c plenary sessions are held quarterly - at the time being in form of remote sessions.


You are an accredited conformity assessment body, you intend to become accredited or you are an "interested party", and would like to participate? Please send us an email to register!


Where ACAB'c members meet again!

Coming next: ACAB'c Spring F2F MEETING '23

Date and place: March 8th and 9th 2023 at TUViT in Essen, Germany


Looking backwards

ACAB'c conf-calls in-between face to face meetings

2022 Meetings:

conf call 15 December 2022

conf call 16 September 2022

conf call 10 March 2022

2021 Meetings:
conf call 18 November 2021
conf call 19 August 2021
conf call 15 April 2021
conf call 04 February 2021 conf call

2020 Meetings:
26 November 2020
conf call 17 September 2020
conf call 12 August 2020
conf call 02 July 2020
conf call 30 April 2020
conf call 26 March 2020
conf call 25 February 2020
conf call 09 January 2020

2019 Meetings:
conf call 29 November 2019
conf call 28 August 2019
conf call 27 June 2019


Those remote meetings are the occasion to follow-up with the different acab'c on-going matters.


Assessments in COVID-19 situation


ACAB'c members are coming back to normal assessment operations now - please consult your CAB for your to schedule!


CA/B Forum Meeting and CA DAY - October 2022, Berlin

28th and 29th of January 2020

in Cologne, Germany.

CA DAY - 25 September 2019

ACAB'c biannual meeting - 28th of May 2019 -  Paris - France

On this occasion, Philippe, as ACAB'c chairman, had the pleasure to welcome Clemens Wanko (TÜV AUSTRIA cert GmbH) as the official 5th ACAB'c A-member and to appoint as new Treasurer - Secretary General of ACAB'c - Mrs. Camille Gerbert (LSTI).

From left to right, Stefan (KPMG), Camille (LSTI), Christoph (TÜV IT), Philippe (LSTI), Matthias (TÜV IT) and Clemens (TÜV AUSTRIA cert GmbH)

ACAB'c biannual meeting - 4th of February 2019 -  Essen - Germany

On this occasion, Philippe, as ACAB'c chairman, had the pleasure to welcome Klaus-Werner (Datenschutz cert GmbH) as the 4th ACAB'c A-member (since October 2018) and to congratulate Clemens Wanko (TÜV AUSTRIA cert GmbH) following the positive admission vote regarding his application to become A-member.

From left to right, Eric (LSTI), KLaus-Werner (Datenschutz cert GmbH),Philippe (LSTI), Camille (LSTI), Matthias (TÜV IT), Karina (TÜV IT), Christoph (TÜV IT), Clemens (TÜV AUSTRIA cert GmbH) and Stefan (KPMG)

Philippe and Klaus-Werner, new ACAB'c A-member since October 2018

Philippe and Clemens, ACAB'c honorary member and future ACAB'c 5th A-member

Trust Services Forum 23rd of October - CA-Day 24th of October 2018 - Berlin

ENISA organised the fourth edition of the Trust Services Forum on day 1. On day 2, the Bundesdruckerei/D-TRUST, in cooperation with TÜViT held the tenth CA-Day on the subject of "TSP Compliance Info Day on eIDAS, ETSI and CA/B-Forum Requirements".

ACAB'c had a great pleasure to take part in the very captivating discussions and panels during these two days of intense information sharing.


Many thanks also to Slawek and Evgenia (ENISA) on the one hand, to Kim (D-Trust) on the other hand. See you soon!


Note: you can find the agenda of both days and the related presentations at Trust Service Forum / CA-Day 2018

From left to right, Christoph, Boryana, Klaus-Werner, Karina, Matthias and Eric

Boryana on day 1 / panel 1 : "Trust services in the proposed regulatory framework for certification"

Matthias on day 2, dealing with "the struggle of audit reporting"

In parallel to the meeting, on day 2, all A-members had approved Datenschutz cert GmbH's application to become an ACAB'c A-member. Still a few administrative steps to go and ACAB'c will have the great pleasure to welcome its 4th A-member.

Matthias Wiedenhorst (on the right), ACAB'c vice chair, congratulating Klaus-Werner Schröder (on the left), Datenschutz cert GmbH's representative, for the positive vote of all A-members on his A-membership appplication.

CA/B Forum F2F meeting - 16-18th of October 2018 - Shanghai

Clemens and Philippe

Philippe presenting ACAB'c

ACAB'c biannual meeting - Zurich, the 5th of July 2018

On this occasion, ACAB'c had the pleasure to designate Clemens Wanko (TÜV Trust IT) as its first honorary member:

Matthias Wiedenhorst (on the left), ACAB'c vice chair, congratulating Clemens Wanko (on the right), former ACAB'c vice chair and first ACAB'c honorary member.


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