The Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies' Council
The Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies' Council

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Our mission


Amongst others, the councils main objective is, to inform the community relying on and using the CABs work results about the core aspects of the accredited CABs work. We support with profound interpretation and understanding of the relevant standards. Doing that, we like to stress the special and high quality work level standard a CAB has to follow in order to achieve and keep its accreditation according to the European Accreditation scheme (EA) reflected in the ACAB'cs CoC.


As such, the ACAB'c likes to contribute to the work in organizations like ETSI/CEN, ENISA, CA/Browser Forum and establish a communication channel for the forum members towards such organizations. 


Amongst others, the ACAB'c objectives are:

  • Setup and maintain an ACAB'c code of conduct (CoC) for accredited conformity assessment bodies (ACABs),
  • Maintain and publish a list of accredited conformity assessment bodies competent in electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions on this website,
  • Establish and promote a graphical ACAB'c logo to be used by CABs being member of the council,
  • To seek and to co-ordinate representational activity where this would be of general benefit to the members,
  • Encourage, promote and enable the exchange of information between the members organizations,
  • Encourage and support the regular occurence of conferences and other events and projects, addressing issues of common concern to all members associations, within or outside the framework of other meetings,
  • Produce and/or endorse policy statements and position papers on keys issues such as technical standards and regulations which are of interest to third parties.


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