The Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies' Council
The Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies' Council

ACAB'c Free membership

We decided for 2019 and 2020 to open a free of charge membership A participation for all accredited CABs that wish to collaborate and discover ACAB'c benefits without any cost!

The free membership A option does not provide with the right of vote, if you wish to have voting powers at the council the payment of the annual contribution fees is required.

We are looking forward to welcome new members !

ACAB'c A-member List (AAL)

The following  ACABs have successfully completed the process of becoming an ACAB'c A member and are currently listed on the AAL:

ACAB'c Board, A-member representatives


The Category A membership is defined in ACAB'c Charter / § 3.b:

"[...] CAB members (« Category A members »):
These are conformity assessment bodies (CAB) accredited by a EA or IAF member
according to ISO/IEC 17065 + eIDAS Art.3.18 scope of accreditation in the area of
electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions which have declared to strictly follow the ACoC. Such a declaration shall be handed in to the ACAB’c on application of the CAB to the ACAB’c. [...]"

ACAB'c B-member List (ABL)

If you are interested to join us as ACAB'c B-member, just take contact with us!


The Category B membership is defined in ACAB'c Charter / § 3.b:

"[...] CAB members (« Category A members »):
These are organizations directly or indirectly concerned by accredited CABs and their work. Typical category B members are trust service providers (TSP), supervisory bodies (SB), European Standards Organizations (ESO) and manufacturers of technical equipment used by TSP as well as consumer protection organizations.. [...]"


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